267 Skillet
267 Skillet
267 Skillet
267 Skillet
267 Skillet
267 Skillet

267 Skillet

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Modern Design

While cast iron can be expected to last for centuries, there is no reason that it should be constrained to a centuries-old aesthetic. Ironwood’s mission is to create beautiful cookware for the modern home that is designed for both performance, and presentation.

Big Cooking Area / Low Weight

Our 267 Skillet has a cooking area of 9.25 inches and weights just under 5 pounds. By comparison the Lodge 12 inch skillet has a cooking area of 9.125 inches and weighs 8 pounds.

Smooth, but not too smooth

The cooking area of the skillet is machined smooth and then texturized to create a surface that bonds exceptionally well with the seasoning.

Long Handle

We've designed our skillet with an extra long handle to facilitate two-handed gripping. Our handle is 8 inches, by comparison the Lodge 12 inch skillet’s handle is 4.875 inches, over 60% shorter.


The 267 Skillet is pre-seasoned with non-GMO cottonseed oil that is baked at a high temperature for thorough polymerization. The seasoning's non-stick performance improves over time with the addition of more oil. See our directions for use, care, and seasoning here.


Top Diameter: 10.65 inches
Cooking Surface: 9.25 inches
Wall Height: 1.5 inches
Weight: 4.8 lbs


Designed in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Manufactured in Hebei Province, China.