Cast Iron Cleaning and Care

Note: Make sure you allow the cast iron to cool to a comfortable handling temperature before attempting to wash it.

To clean, lightly scrub ironware with warm water using a stiff brush, bamboo wok scrubber, or smooth chainmail scrubber. Take care not to scratch the oil seasoning. Light detergent can be used but is not necessary.

Immediately dry your ironware after rinsing.

After thoroughly drying your ironware add a few drops of oil to the cooking surfaces and wipe to coat the iron. Use as little oil as possible so that there is no pooling and the coating is very thin.

Heat the pan on the cooktop or under the broiler until the oil begins to smoke, then remove the pan from the heat and allow to cool once more.


Note: It is best to use a high-smoke-point oil. Cottonseed, flax, soy, and grape seed oil work very well. Applying a layer of seasoning after each use results in a very robust, and highly functional piece of cookware.