Where is my pre-order?

We have discontinued pre-orders and are now taking back-orders. All pre-orders are saved and will not be charged until the product shipment is underway, which is anticipated to be at the end of February, 2019.

What is seasoning?

Cast iron cookware is often coated with either a glass enamel or a vegetable-oil coating, called seasoning. Seasoning appears black to dark-grey and sometimes has a bronze tint. Most cooking oils can be used to season a pan, but a few produce the best coatings. Ironwood pans are seasoned with non-GMO cottonseed oil baked at an extremely high temperature to thoroughly polymerize the oil into a renewable, non-stick coating.

Where are Ironwood products made?

Our Ironware is produced in China, the birthplace of cast iron. Northern China boasts some of the worlds best iron foundries and the foundries we work with specialize in producing cookware. The expertise these modern foundries have developed in the art of producing cookware is extensive and allows them to produce high performance products at a fair price. We maintain a close relationship with our Chinese manufacturing partners.

When did Ironwood start up?

Ironwood Cookware was launched on Kickstarter. The project reached its funding goal on August 19th, 2018. Production began in December, 2018 with the first production run completing in January, 2019.