Ironwood 267 Series

The 267 Series is our inaugural family of products, named for its center-piece product, the 267 Skillet Set. There are a number of features that make the Ironwood 267 Series stand out.

Sculptural Form

Our mission is to make cast iron that not only performs well, but that looks outstanding in your kitchen and on your table. Because cast iron is cast from molten iron, the sky is the limit for form and aesthetic variation. We're exploring that variety and aim to bring you a great selection of unique cast iron. The 267 Series is sculpted with the subtle curves of a piece of fine Scandinavian furniture. In fact, the designs were created by Ariel Bennick among other things studied the art of furniture design in Denmark. We wanted the first Ironwood series to feel timeless, and we believe Ariel achieved just such a form.

Two Paw Handle

One thing that always struck us as odd is the length of typical American skillet handles. They tend to be really short. The advantage of a short handle is balance; your hand is closer to the bulk of the pan's weight so lifting is easier. We thought it would be even easier though to be able to lift with two hands. So we made the handle on the 267 Skillet long enough to accommodate a two-handed grip, kind of like a golf grip. Of course, you can still lift the skillet with a single hand, gripping close to the skillet walls the same as any other pan.

Machined Cooking Surfaces

Ironware is cast in sand which leaves a beautiful, but coarse, texture on the resulting product. Texture on cooking surfaces can be a good thing, it aids in the mechanical adhesion of seasoning, the protective layer of oil applied to cast iron. But too much texture can interfere with cooking. We machine the cooking surfaces of the 267 Series to achieve a super flat area with just the right amount of texture to promote great seasoning without causing cooking issues.

Light Weight

Ironwood 267 Series cookware is cast on the most advanced type of sand casting equipment available. This process yields castings with a high degree of precision and accuracy and it allows us to make our castings as light as possible. Our post-casting machining processes also contribute to weight savings. The Ironwood 267 Series Skillet is among the lightest for its size, weighing less than 5 pounds.

Factory Seasoned

267 Series ironware is factory seasoned with non-GMO cottonseed oil. Our seasoning produces a deep black color and a substantial foundation for continued home-seasoning. Of course, the special texture that we apply to our machined cooking surfaces provides exceptional mechanical bonding with the seasoning, producing protective coating that is very durable.

Thoughtful Accessories

We complement the honest, natural appearance of our 267 Series ironware with oil-finished beechwood accessories. The Trivet and Spatula that complete the series are designed to fit the form of the 267 Skillet. The skillet's heat ring nests comfortably into the trivet's contoured top and the spatula nestles into the surface features of the skillet's handle. These accessories, make the 267 Series perfect for presentation in the kitchen and on the dining table.