Use & Care for Wooden Kitchen Tools

Ironwood’s wooden kitchen tools are made from solid hardwoods. Solid wood is durable, readily repairable, food-safe, and (when responsibly sourced) a renewable material.

An organic material, solid wood is sensitive to moisture. Even the most carefully dried and processed solid wood will move, subtly change shape as the seasons change and your local climate changes. Dramatic seasonal movement can lead to noticeable swelling and shrinking, which can cause cracking, separation at glue-lines, warping, and cupping.

Proper care, however, reduces the impact of seasonal movement, extending the life of wooden kitchen tools.

Never soak or submerge solid wood tools in water. When cleaning, rinse lightly under running water and dry immediately.

Never put wooden tools in the dishwasher. This will destroy the tool.

When a wooden tool is exposed to water in use and in cleaning it is normal for the grain of the wood to swell, causing the surface of the tool to feel a little rough. This raised grain can be smoothed with light sanding or rubbing with an abrasive pad. Mineral oil can be applied with an abrasive pad to polish the wood and oil it at the same time.

Renew your tool’s protective coating with periodic applications of food-safe mineral oil. Rub mineral oil into the surface of wooden tools and wipe off excess oil. Mineral oil prevents excessive drying and helps prevent the wood from absorbing water.